Thursday, March 19, 2009

Regarding the 3-17-09 Fiscal Court Meeting

I have not had the chance to watch the 3-17-09 Fiscal Court meeting on Channel 25 yet this week, been a busy week so far. Have read comments on two other blogs, and the "vanilla" coverage by The Oldham Era. Due to what I have read so far, I am looking forward to watching the proceedings and then offering up my thoughts. Stay tuned...

One other thing...I am not a resident of LaGrange, but if I was, I would be absolutely appalled at the lack of leadership from Mayor Elise Carter and the iron fist she thinks she rules with. Good for the City Council members willing to stand up to this egotistical politician ! The right thing for Mayor Carter to do for the residents of LaGrange is to resign from office immediately and let the healing begin...but then the same thing could be said as well for our Oldham County Judge/Executive !

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