Friday, May 21, 2010

David Voegele, County Judge/Executive-Elect

Oldham County Republicans certainly got it right on May 18th in choosing our next county government leader.

Before moving forward with commentary, let me just say two things:

1 - It's unfortunate that the two-party system is severely slanted in the GOP's favor in Oldham County. That's not a knock by any means towards Mr. Voegele. He ran and won decidedly in the Republican Primary, and he deserves everyone's support as he moves from his Magistrate's seat to the Judge/Executive's seat come January 1, 2011. While he faced off against former Magistrate and Deputy County Judge/Executive Paula Gish in the primary, and handed her and her backers a resounding defeat, it would still be in the best interests of all residents to have a choice come November. Be that as it may, Mr. Voegele took his message and clear vision to the voters, and they responded overwhelmingly to his campaign. And something tells me that if they could have, many Democrats would have voted for him too (including this scribe). It is my hope that the Oldham County Democratic Party will regroup, rebuild and field a full slate of candidates in ALL races come 2014. The two-party system has a purpose, and ALL registered voters need a choice in both primary and general elections.

2 - The second point is that from this writing forward, The Observer will recognize Mr. Voegele as our County Judge/Executive-Elect. This is due to the fact that no Democrat filed to run in the Primary (therefore he faces no ballot competition in November), and it's highly unlikely that any person ("Tea Party" folks included) in this county could mount a write-in campaign that would muster enough votes to win come November. That's called reality folks.

On to the results...

Mr. Voegele ran a clean campaign, spoke at length about his vision for our county, took no campaign money from developers, raised about 1/4 the money that Paula Gish raised, worked tirelessly to get his message out, talked and listened to residents (not just voters) and let people know that he would be a voice for ALL people of Oldham County, not just the "select" few.

He actually had substance to his ideas and visions, not just mere "talking points" and had very effective and creative campaign signs throughout the county. He also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in his first 3-1/2 years on Fiscal Court that he's not afraid to ask the real questions that need to be addressed, press for answers and sometimes in a subtle way, and sometimes maybe not, buck the "good ol' boy" system that has been in place for far too long. How refreshing to see a true public servant.

Paula Gish on the other hand, gladly took money from developers, other county office holders and employees, and of course, had the endorsement of outgoing Judge/Executive Duane Murner. Didn't work out too well for her, did it ? Plus, having been found in the 11th hour it seems, to be in violation of the Federal Hatch Act, she waited until the last possible minute to resign as Deputy County Judge/Executive (effect last Friday, May 14th) and approved by Fiscal Court on Primary Election Day, May 18th. The media coverage http:// of this surely left a "bad taste" in the mouths of many voters and they showed it at the polls. "End runs" for the "elite" are not acceptable these days, and voters let her know it. Murner and Gish knew the Federal Hatch Act situation was similar to the one already decided in Kenton County, yet chose to drag it out and wait on a ruling from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. The results could also be seen as a rebuff to the current administration and their policies and perhaps her lackluster campaign.

More to come soon on Gish's future with Oldham County government...

Mr. Voegele deserves his win and more. He now deserves all of our support, as it is his task, come January, to lead this sometimes troubled county forward. Like any other elected official, he deserves a fair amount of time once he assumes office to begin to put his vision into place. Not everyone will always agree with him, and that's healthy...but he does deserve our respect for his position and time to prove his worth as our next County Judge/Executive.

It will be interesting to watch and see now, how much of an "olive branch" will be offered to him by the current administration and his fellow Magistrates. Mr. Voegele's election has brought hope to our county once again. Hope for truly open, honest and transparent government. Hope for dealing with the fiasco that is called "Oldham Reserve". Hope for our roads, green space, open areas, parks and controlled development. Hope for holding the line on the county budget and expenses, fiscal responsibility with our tax dollars and most of all, maintaining and improving our quality of life, which was one his campaign themes.

Congratulations to Judge/Executive-Elect David Voegele...your hard work, clear vision and hope for our county paid off. You took your message to the people, they listened, and they gave you a clear mandate to lead our county forward come January.

Job well done.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Change IS Coming !

My original slogan in the creation of this blogsite was and still is...


And for the most part, yesterday in the Primary Elections, Oldham Countians got it right !

Comments are forthcoming on those elected, defeated (put out to pasture perhaps), who to watch and what we can hopefully look forward to in the future.

The Observer will be commenting on each individual race, and offering some suggestions for what needs to take place in the next couple of weeks and in the future.

Congratulations people, for the most part, you have prevailed, and now we all have something to look forward to.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did YOU Vote Today ?

That is the question...did YOU vote today ?

How many people complain about things, but never vote ?

How many of you think your vote counts ?

How many of you took the time to cast your vote(s) today ?

How many of you thank God that we live in a country where we can have a say in who our elected leaders are ?

When people complain to me about political/government issues, the first thing I ask them is, do you vote ? If they say no, then their concerns fall on deaf ears.

I voted today.

I excercised my right.

My vote counts too.

So does yours.

If you failed to vote today, then by all means, make sure you vote in November, or register to vote.

Make your voice heard too.

Voting matters.

Monday, May 17, 2010

DAVID VOEGELE for County Judge/Executive

The choice is clear for tomorrow's Primary Election in Oldham County in the race for County Judge/Executive:


The current 2nd District Magistrate is far and above the ONLY choice to lead our county into the future.


Now, just to be clear to everyone:

In the past, I have been accused of setting up this blogsite to promote David Voegele, and it was even stated that he was behind this site. Nothing could have been further from the truth !

First of all, I am a proud registered Democrat and can't even vote for him until November.

Secondly, it has been alledged in the past that we knew each other. Again, not true.

About three weeks ago, I was traveling down Highway 146 back into Crestwood, and happened to see Mr. Voegele sitting on the side of the road in his truck, with campaign signs promoting his race. I pulled over, stopped my vehicle and walked over to him to introduce myself as an Oldham County resident and voter. (I surely hadn't seen Paula Gish out on the roadsides campaigning in my travels across the county.)

He spent about a half hour talking with me about various topics and issues, and when we parted ways, I became even more convinced that he is the ONLY choice to lead Oldham County into the next four years.

Let me be clear, that meeting was our first encounter of any kind. And yes, for the inquiring minds, I did reveal myself as "The Oldham Observer" to him late into our friendly conversation.

How nice that he took the time to listen to me, before the "reveal", answered my questions, and all the time, he knew upfront that I am a registered Democrat and couldn't even vote for him until November.

We discussed other topics as well, outside the scope of the issues, and I found Mr. Voegele to be a man I would feel very confident in leading our county and moving things forward. It's also nice to know that he has steadfastly refused any campaign contributions from developers.

Mr. Voegele has riled some folks up over the past 3-1/2 years on Fiscal Court, and rightfully so. He has spoken time and time again for the "regular" people of Oldham County, opposed tax and fee increases on us all, and asked the tough questions, even in the face of being outnumbered by the "old school" Republicans on Fiscal Court. His attitude and demeanor bode well for our future.

He is highly qualified to lead our county...and here's hoping that tomorrow, the Republicans in this county will make the right choice, and move Mr. Voegele from his seat on one far end of the courtroom to the center seat.


I've said all along that "Change is Coming"...let's hope that it begins with tomorrow's election results !

PAULA GISH...The Hatch Act

PAULA GISH, the Oldham County Deputy Judge/Executive until she resigned effective last Friday, still wants your vote tomorrow (May 18th) in her Republican primary race for Oldham County Judge/Executive against current Magistrate David Voegele.

What nerve !

Once again, without all the details being rehashed here, you may read for yourself in the links below:

From The Oldham Era - May 13, 2010 Edition
From The Courier-Journal - May 10, 2010

Let's just cut to the chase here...knowing the same situation was brought up and ruled on in Kenton County earlier this year, Gish should have resigned months ago from her position, or withdrawn from the race. You can't have it both ways.

This in NOT the kind of "leadership" we need to move Oldham County forward.
Tomorrow, our Fiscal Court will be presented her resignation and will be asked to approve it.
Assuming she loses the primary, how fast do you think she'll be rehired ?
Anyone want to speculate if she's even cleaned out her office/desk and turned in her keys and county ID ?

Sounds like a power grab to me...keep earning a salary and benefits (that we pay for) while waiting on a ruling that you knew was going to come down against you. So much for for winning some silly "Best County Official" contest recently. A mere popularity contest, much as it is when running to be the President of a school's P.T.A. !

Oh yes, and Paula, you've NOT been the deputy judge/executive for the past four years as you claim on your campaign materials. Why, it hasn't even been 3-1/2 years yet that you've held the job. If you can't be honest in your advertisements, how can we expect total honesty in the future ?

Let's hope that the voters in Oldham County recognize that voting for Paula Gish is asking for a continuation of "business as usual" in Oldham County government.

SCOTT DAVIS...Got Tickets ?

Current 6th District Magistrate SCOTT DAVIS:

Suddenly nowhere to be found at recent Fiscal Court meetings, oh my !

Without going into all the details, since he's been all over the news lately, and there are plenty of reliable news sources (various links below) to learn the backstory here, let's just state the obvious:

Scott "Ticket Broker" Davis is not what he has made himself out to be to anyone in Oldham County. He has (or was) once again campaigning on his promoting "open and transparent" government...and now we all know he is/was talking/campaigning out of both sides of his mouth.

In the special section "A Guide to the Polls" published in April by The Oldham Era, he submitted the following information:

When asked for his employment history, he replied: "chemical engineer and consultant".

How convenient that he left out that he is (or was) a ticket scalper/reseller for sporting events. Yes, you're a ticket scalper when you set up shop in Indiana to resell tickets to avoid the practice in Kentucky, where such activity is illegal ! So, he failed to divulge ALL of his sources of income to us, and he operates websites that he has gone to great lengths to hide his ownership of. Wonder how long it will take the revenue departments of Indiana and Kentucky, as well as the Internal Revenue Service to come knocking at his door ? Scott Davis is NOT what he appears to be, and no "cheerleader" of his can change the facts or spin this any other way. If you want to resell tickets, fine. Do it legally, with integrity and admit to us all that you do.

When asked the following question, "What accomplishments are you most proud of during your term in office?" he began his reply with "Promoting an environment of open and transparent government."

Well, now we ALL know that he practices the "do as I say" attitude and "not what I do" when it comes to his politics. He has, regardless of the outcome of his current "ticket selling" messes, brought this all on himself and now he needs to do the right thing...resign from Fiscal Court immediately ! He goes out and hires Thomas Clay, a top criminal attorney in Louisville, files a lawsuit against a member of the U of L basketball coaching staff (he loves filing lawsuits, doesn't he?), and his political advertisements have disappeared over the last two weeks in both The Oldham Era and The Courier-Journal "Neighborhoods" sections. Maybe this is a sign that he recognizes the handwriting on the wall ?

Taken from the various stories, he alledgedly owns a luxury condo at The Harbours in Jeffersonville, IN, owns a $3 million dollar company, yet had his Oldham County home in foreclosure last year ? Is this really the kind of person you want to give another four years to on Oldham County Fiscal Court ? I think not.

Oh my, what will his "cheerleaders" / "defenders" do now ?

His "15 Minutes of Fame" (or Shame) are up !

The Observer sees Kevin Eldridge winning this primary contest May 18th in a potential landslide.

The most recent article from The Oldham Era - May 13, 2010 Edition
From The Courier-Journal - May 6, 2010
From The Courier-Journal - May 7, 2010

The Observer Returns...

Yes folks, after a very long and overdue absence, I have returned, just in time for the Primary Election tomorrow, May 18th.

Thanks for the emails of support over the past few months...and without going into details, many things kept me from restarting this blog, but now, more than ever, it is my honest intention to be active once again and provide my thoughts and publish your comments on the things that affect us all here in Oldham County.

Sometimes even the best laid plans or intentions can get sidetracked, and that's what happened to me. I want to be taken seriously and want to offer everyone a vehicle for their voices to be heard as well (unlike some other bloggers in this county)...when you respond to my observations on various topics.

That being said, and without further ado, let's leap back into the thick of things, because a blogger at this time couldn't ask for more to comment on, given all that is going on in Oldham County government and politics !

Enjoy, and thanks for your patience and continued support !