Monday, January 25, 2010

The Observer is Back !

Yes folks, it's been far too long since I last posted here...between family matters, work, other obligations and so forth, it has been a very busy few months for me.
However, it is election year, and I now feel the need to rededicate myself to this blog and welcome your input as well (unlike the alledged "Watchdog" who prohibits such interaction), and trust me, I have a lot to comment on.
Also, some other Oldham County based bloggers have ceased their efforts, and according to the emails I have been receiving, I struck some nerves, both good and bad when I joined in the fray. The encouragement from some of those emailers has made me realize still, that a clear, objective voice is needed (unlike those who seem to blog solely for the purpose of their own ego and their undying support of a particular Magistrate), and I once again hope to be one of those voices that calls it like I see it...simply put, my take on matters of concern to all Oldham County residents.
So, sit back, take a seat and hopefully you'll enjoy the ride !


  1. you've been gone far too long
    glad you're back
    looking forward to what you have to say once again
    only one of you OC bloggers was left standing before you took your leave, and we all know he's a puppet for scott davis
    welcome back

  2. Still wish you would get rid of the anonymous posting stuff.

  3. Scott,
    I had thought long and hard about eliminating the "Anonymous" postings on this blog, but decided that for now, since I have returned and plan to be active once again, that it would be best to at least moderate the "Comments" for now. I want to give folks their voice, and will not censor anyone's comments, unless they contain offensive language and/or are comments that are directly aimed at smearing someone or making threats against me, my family and home, as some did in the past. Once I can build an audience back up, then it will be time to rethink allowing "Anonymous" postings...especially in this most critical year for Oldham election year.
    P.S. Thanks for revisiting and please help spread the word !