Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 135th Kentucky Derby

Just a posting for fun sentimental pick for this year's Run for the Roses is:

General Quarters

Owned and trained by Louisville's own Tom McCarthy.
A 75 year old life long lover of horses and horse racing.
A one man operation...a one horse stable at this time.
Winner of the Bluegrass Stakes.
And, he was my principal at Seneca High School in Louisville.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful Derby Day !

UPDATE: Congratulations to Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird on winning the Kentucky Derby !
Imagine, a 50-1 long shot wins, a horse purchased for only $9, cool is that ?
It's compelling to see an underdog or small operation win something so large...makes it worthwhile to root sometimes for the "little guy" (not referring to Calvin Borel as a little guy in a negative sense, he's a great rider), if only Oldham County Fiscal Court would always do the right thing by the "little guys and gals" of our beautiful county, instead of the "fat cats" and big donors to political campaigns, this would indeed be an even greater county to live in !

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