Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Introduction and Welcome Message

Welcome to my newest spot in blog about Oldham County, KY government and more. Observations about how Fiscal Court does the "people's business", or in some cases, the "business" of the "special interests" friends of the Court, or some of it's current members.

Of course, I'll also be posting observations, thoughts, musings and asking questions out loud about other things too. They could cover a wide range of topics, issues, events and people. There are times when I will be very serious, sometimes funny I hope, sarcastic at other times and always a promoter of all things in Oldham County and our businesses and people.

Who am I ? You can read my profile for the information I'm currently making available. And if you ask why I am not being forthcoming at this point about my actual identity, I will answer with this: We live in a country that guarantees free speech, and it is my choice for now to protect myself, my family members and my place of employment from possible retributions from those who might seek to inflict harm or harrassment against me or them since I am speaking my mind. There will come a time when I will reveal my true identity, but for now, I ask for your understanding in my need to protect my privacy and I hope that you'll participate in this blog.

I welcome your comments, questions and encourage you to participate. Play nice, play fair and above all else, be factual in your postings. The current state of the Oldham County Fiscal Court does to some degree lack total transparency, honesty, integrity and most of all, ethics. Change needs to come to Fiscal Court so that it can in the future better serve ALL residents of Oldham County, not just the chosen few, as is sometimes the case. Tax dollars (our money) need to be spent wisely and always in ways that benefit everyone.

Finally, for now, let me state for the record that I have no ties to anyone currently serving on Fiscal Court, anyone from past Fiscal Courts, or anyone currently or formerly employed in Oldham County government. I know there are other bloggers out there who also have made Oldham County government the main topic of their blogs. These include Dewey Wotring and Scott Black, two gentlemen I have never met or spoken to. I have visited their blogs from time to time and decided that I wanted to not only create my own, but also create a blog with a very separate identity. My purpose is not to imitate them, have a specific agenda on anyone's behalf, or push a certain issue that may come before the Court. My agenda is to simply state my observations, be factual and question the actions of Fiscal Court or any of the Magistrates when I feel the need to.

And...just in case you're wondering...I am a registered voter, have been since I turned 18, and it has been a rare occasion when I have missed participating in the electoral process. It's easy for people to complain about their elected officials, government entities and so forth...but it is my belief that if you don't vote, don't gripe. Get involved, register to vote, go to the a part of the solution, not the problem.

So, feel free to jump in as this blog evolves into whatever it becomes...and participate...

Change is coming...

Your Host,
The Oldham Observer

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